Studio Art Direct Adds 100 New Artworks to Print On Demand Collection

We are really excited to announce the addition of 100 new works of art to our online Print On Demand Collection.  These stunning artworks range from photography and paintings to drawings and digital art. 

Studio Art Direct’s stable of talented regional artists is now a whopping 41 professional creatives and features 246 works of art.  You can search by artist or subject.  And all works are available in any size, on any surface.

Studio Art Direct adds 12 new artists and 100 new artworks to our print on demand art collection.  New artists include Barry Van Gerhig, Brooke Borcherding, Candace Primack, Cathie Joy Young, Janet Rotermel, Jivi Nancheva, Lucia Johnson, Nance and Stephen Sasser, Patricia Clayton,  Rick Keating, and Sandy Haight

Studio Art Direct has selected 12 new artists to be part of our creative family.  These new artists and our existing talent have created 100 new artworks for our print on demand art collection.  Adding more regional style artwork and abstracts has rounded out our collection.

We reviewed 846 submissions and actively curated through out the region for about 4 months.  Twelve artists were awarded the opportunity to join our publishing division including Barry Van Gerhig, Brooke

Artist Candace Primack has been selected by Studio Art Direct for the 2015 new print on demand art collection for healthcare, hospitality and corporate art projects

Candace Primack’s abstracts are a beautiful use of color and composition.

Borcherding, Candace Primack, Cathie Joy Young, Janet Rothermel, Jivi Nancheva, Lucia Johnson, Nance and Stephen Sasser, Patricia Clayton,  Rick Keating, and Sandy Haight.

In addition to our new artists, 98% of our existing artists renewed their contracts and added additional artwork.  These artists appreciated the 18% royalty payments Studio Art Direct provides, which is about double what the industry standard is.  It is also exciting for them to see their work in a variety of public spaces.

Brooke Borcherding has been selected for inclusion in Studio Art Direct’s print on demand collection

We look forward to working with designers and clients in placing these artworks in hospitality, healthcare, and corporate environments throughout the West.

To learn more about our print on demand art collection and the many ways these artworks can be used in the built environment, search our blog, or contact 



Hotel Eastlund Opens to Rave Reviews of Art – Studio Art Direct

Bridget Bardot on Glass. Photo by Terry O'Neill. Hospitality art consultants Studio Art Direct designers. Hotel Eastlund, Portland, Oregon,.

Tracking down this iconic image of Bridget Bardot from the 60s was a challenge, but Studio Art Direct finally found Terry O’Neill in London and licensed the image for this 10’x15′ glass panel installation which floats in the lobby. Beautiful and a bit naughty.


Hospitality art consultants studio art direct create large glass panels for lobby at hotel eastlund in portland oregon. Features Loui Jover

Studio Art Direct commissioned Australian artist Loui Jover to create “Adventures in Bliss”. The artwork includes words and symbols about Portland. As directed, Jover painted at 1/6th the full size (10’x15′). First a high res scan of the original was done in segments, then scans were stitched together to create an extraordinarily large digital file for production.  We then printed image on glass with frit ink. This panel was laminated to another glass panel so that the image is sandwiched in between and is about 1/2″ thick.  We worked closely with Holst Architecture for this art in architecture application.

Stunning custom art headboards in Hotel Eastlund guestrooms. Art commissioned and prepped for fabrication by Studio Art Direct. Artwork was printed on fabric.

Stunning custom art headboards in Hotel Eastlund guestrooms. Artwork was printed on fabric with archival inks then wrapped on soft headboard and mounted direct to wall. Janelle’s assistant Merideth Yung sits on bed.

Studio Art Direct selects Badri Valian for commissioned artworks for guestrooms at Hotel Eastlund, Portland, Oregon. Nudes.

Studio Art Direct commissioned San Francisco artist Badri Valian to create four figurative paintings for the guestrooms. The four paintings rotate throughout the 168 guest rooms

Hotel Eastlund owner Desmond Mollendor and art consultant for project Janelle Baglien.

Studio Art Direct president Janelle Baglien with Hotel Eastlund co owner Desmond Mollendor and friend Jim at hotel grand opening

Go where the night takes you at Hotel Eastlund. Reception desk graphics by Studio Art Direct, hospitality art and graphic consultants for project.

Behind reception is a custom glass etched panel with the slogan for the hotel “go where the night takes you.” Credit owner Alan Battersby for coming up with the concept. Studio Art Direct design.

Hotel Eastlund owner Alan Battersby at opening party June 2015. STudio art direct art consultants.

Hotel Eastlund co owner Alan Battersby. Alan has genius and contributed an enormous amount to the art selections at the hotel. Working closely with Janelle Baglien of Studio Art Direct, the art collection packs a powerful punch.


Bridget under construction

Hotel Eastlund

Owner Alan Battersby moves couches in lobby before opening.

lobby glass panels at Hotel Eastlund by Studio Art Direct, hospitality art consultants

Hotel Eastlund lobby under construction

Studio Art Direct, Hotel Eastlund, Tyler Marchus painting

Tyler Marchus encuastic painting on 6th floor

Loui Jover artwork adorns Hotel Eastlund lobby. Commissioned by Studio Art Direct, Portland, Oregon

The Loui Jover artwork on glass is a floating wall which separates the lobby from the business center

hotel eastlund-andrea lonas photography-1886

Stunning custom art headboards at Hotel Eastlund created with archival inks on fabric then wrapped on soft headboard mounted to wall.

Hotel Eastlund artwork by Studio Art Direct

Corridor artworks on every floor greet guests as they step off elevator.  Janelle Baglien selected narrative type figurative paintings to enhance the theme of the human form which is prevalent throughout the hotel.

Photo credits:  Jonathan House,


Andrea Lonas, Sam Tenney, Janelle Baglien






Studio Art Direct art consultants for Hotel Eastlund, Bridget Bardot on glass

Lobby Hotel Eastlund.  Briget Bardot fl0ats on glass in the lobby.  The installation (10’x15′) was created by tracking down photographer Terry O’Neill in London, licensing the image, resing up the photograph in large scale, and printing with frit ink on glass, then laminating to another piece of glass so that the image is protected an tempered.

Hotel Eastlund Portland Oregon hotel art consultants Studio Art Diredt

Guest rooms

Hotel Eastlund artwork by Studio Art Direct

Large scale glass floats between the lobby and the guest office/conference room.  Janelle Baglien commissioned artist Loui Jover of Australia to create a custom painting with words and images about Portland set against the winsome eyes of a woman.  Jover was directed by Baglien in composition, size and palette.  

Call to Oregon & NW Artists

For Northwest Artists only.  We are curating new artworks for 2015/16 catalog.  Artworks selected will be licensed. Submit your artwork for consideration today.  Due Feb. 20, 2015

Here is what we are looking for:

1.   Spring color palettes.  No red.  Below is an example of the palette and artworks from our 2012 collection that incorporated these colors in creative ways.

Popular color palette for artists in 2015

2015/16 color palette are the soft spring colors.

Artworks for healthcare example palette and composition

2.   Groupings of 3-5 images in same size ratio that can be installed as a set (series).  We need to fill very large walls, so we often install a grouping of artworks down corridors or in large public areas.

Studio Art Direct top seller Sarah Goodnough

Sarah Goodnough’s set of 4 beautiful spring bird paintings is a best seller.

Studio Art Direct top seller Bonnie Bruno

Bonnie Bruno’s garden series is a top seller

3.   Works of art that can be reproduced large.  That means that the scan or photo must be taken of a fairly large original. It does depend on the medium however.  We often reproduce images on materials such as wallpaper and plexiglas as large as 144″ high or more!

4.  Any 2-D medium even pastels are beautiful when reproduced on different surfaces like canvas or plex.  So mediums like digital arts, photography, pastels, oils, acrylic, monoprints, multi media, collage, and whatever else you can dream up are perfect for reproductions.

5.  Artwork inspired by nature.   Humans are hardwired to find nature calming and healing, it maybe a link to our prehistoric days, but whatever the reason, images of nature whether they be abstracted landscapes, photos, impressionistic paintings, or detailed doodles of water, trees, mountains, animals, vistas, views, and anything having to do with nature has been proven to help people heal by lowering blood pressure and reducing heart rates.  To see examples, go to art search.  And learn more about Evidenced Based Design (the link between art and healing).

6.  Abstracted landscapes are very popular with our clients.  And I really need to add more artworks that are like this.   To get an idea of some nice abstracts and compositions that I really am looking for, go to my Pinterest page and click on board ART WANTED.

7.  Lyrical abstracts with uplifting colors and soft curving lines are popular.  Almost non objective, these types of abstracts have something in them the viewer can identify with – a hint or suggestion of an object.  Go to my Pinterest page and click on board ART WANTED for examples.

8. Art with words.  I am curating art for a hotel themed “sleeping with words.” This is also a big trend in art right now.  So artworks that incorporate words, sentences, paragraphs, book collage, etc. are in demand.  Think Cy Twombly with a little less abstraction.

9. Botanical photography.  We are specifically searching for monochromatic and desaturarted neutral palettes of live flora botanicals including micro shots. Images must: Bleed to edges; have the ability to print to at least 144″ high at 150 dpi;  have an abundance of negative space with soft background; have clarity of main subject matter which contrasts with background; include simple organic forms and shapes, may be abstract but must reveal details viewer can relate to, and be calm restful and reflective. To see examples, click photography only art wanted presentation 2015


a.  You must be an artist residing in the Pacific Northwest

b.  Art must be currently available for high resolution scanning

c.  Selected artists will sign a 3-year licensing agreement

d.  You must follow submission guidelines or your work will not be considered

e.  You may enter up to 5 images. They must reflect our request above.

HOW TO SUBMIT – Deadline Feb. 20, 2015

To submit your art for consideration, please email the following information to or call assistant curator Cindy Bricca (808) 352-3820

Your email must include:

1.  Subject line to read:  Submission

2.  Attach up to (5) low res jpegs of images currently available for high resolution scanning or capture.  Images must reflect our request above.

3.  Title each jpeg by the title of you art work

2.  In body of email, include the Title of art, the size of original, and the medium.

3.  Include ALL of your contact information including your name, phone, address, email and website.

4. OR,  if you can, create a PDF with all above information.  A PDF helps us save all the information we have on you in one easy file.

Submission deadline is Feb. 20, 2015.  Only submissions we are interested in will be responded to.  For those accepted, we will contact you with further information about licensing and answer all of your questions in a personal conversation.

Art Consultants at Studio Art Direct Share Experience and Ideas

art in architecture, studio art direct experience

Janelle Baglien shares art consulting experience and ideas. Click here to flip through our book of experience.

From concept to completion, Studio Art Direct shares experience and ideas of fine art and graphic installations for healthcare, hospitality, government and corporate projects. Click here to view. 

I wanted to share some of the projects we have done over the last 7 years.  Especially the evolution of art in architecture – from concept to completion.

Thanks for taking a look!

Portland Tribune features Studio Art Direct in business section

Portland art scene good for business

Portland Tribune features Studio Art Direct in business section June 22, 2014.  The article focuses on how SADI uses the Portland art scene to benefit businesses – especially healthcare and hotel projects.  Article includes art themes for the new Eastlund Hotel in Portland Oregon.  CLICK TO READ ARTICLE

Click to read


Joseph Gallivan of KBOO’s Art Focus interviews Janelle Baglien about art consulting for healthcare and hospitality


Learn about our latest project coming up – a new boutique hotel in Portland! The theme I have come up with is “Sleeping with Words.”

Listen to the Art Focus interview to learn more.



Nature art video content for healthcare waiting rooms and patient bedside monitors now available for licensed use

We have had a lot of requests to create content for TV monitors in healthcare waiting areas, patient rooms and exam rooms. So, I am really excited to share an example of what we are working on.  This is a 5-minute loop demo featuring gorgeous nature scenes shot in time-lapsed, slow motion, steady-cam cinematography.  The artist is an Emmy Award winning cinematographer we have partnered with.  It is specifically created for hospitals, medical centers, senior care, behavioral health and other healthcare environments. Based on the philosophy of Evidenced Based Design, this stunning video is designed to calm, sooth and improve patient outcome.

This content is plug-and-play ready in any format required (from the cloud, Blu-ray, m4, and the new gold standard 4K).  Also available without sound.

We have content available in increments of 5 minute, 14 (the average wait in a waiting room) and 1 hour (for relaxation channels).

License Fee:  The fee is charged on an annual basis per physical location and is dependent on the number of monitors displaying the work.  Email me with an outline of your intentions including length of play and estimated number of monitors. I will get back to you with pricing.

This is the first in a series of art video content Studio Art Direct will be releasing for licensed use on large AV installations in healthcare, hospitality, corporate and government interiors.  We have seen a growing trend in the desire for artful content that is ready for plug-and-play.  Our initial focus will be on heatlhcare, eventually we will move into art video for corporate, multi family and hospitality projects.

What are the Digital Art Content for Healthcare Trends:

The average stay in a waiting room is 14-minutes.  In the past, TV’s were used as a distraction but studies showed that it causes stress in patients and visitors.  Other applications include a looping video playing on exam room monitors as patients wait for their doctor.  This is a wonderful way to soften the equipment laden rooms.  For behavioral health calm rooms, a video is safe and serene.  In transfusion centers, the long wait can be agitating and scary, nature art videos are an effective way to relieve stress.

While the “monitor” technology exists, the content has not changed much over the years. Art consultants have realized the opportunity to showcase art, but most do it with PowerPoint style videos of images, mainly photography of flowers. This is a pitiful under utilization of the technology. So much can be done with film, video, animation, and interactive digital. The creativity just needs to be tapped.  The creative genius is in the new crop of art students and emerging artists born and raised on digital media.

Over the next 8 months, I will be working hard to discover talent and help new artists craft work towards creating digital content for the built environment, and especially healthcare.  It is an exciting new market segment we are venturing into and we are jazzed. Video installations are becoming very popular as the price of monitors and content management go down, while the public’s thirst for digital and interactive content goes up.