Last Chance: Portland Art Museum Biennial ends 10/8

You know you meant to go see it.  Right?  Well, you have less than two weeks to get the job done.  The Portland Art Museum’s 2006 Biennial ends 10/8.  The Biennial celebrates the present moment in Oregon’s art scene and confirms the Museum’s commitment to Oregon artists and ongoing support of their work. Begun in 1949 as an annual exhibition, the much broader Oregon Biennial now serves as a snapshot of the state’s current artistic influences and trends. This year’s Biennial features work by 34 established and emerging artists who vary widely in their mediums and aesthetics and span a multitude of genres and intentions. Selected from nearly 800 entrants, this exhibition brings to public attention an adventurous group of artists reflecting on Oregon’s changing atmosphere.

2006 Oregon Biennial Artists

Brad Adkins (Portland), Marcy Adzich (Eugene), Holly Andres (Portland), Pat Boas (Beaverton), Chandra Bocci (Portland), Michael Brophy (Portland), Benjamin Buswell (Portland), Grace Carter & Holly Andres (Portland), David Eckard (Portland), Andrew Ellmaker & Mark Brandau (Portland), Ty Ennis (Portland), Anna Fidler (Portland), Emily Ginsburg (Portland), Heidi Preuss Grew (Salem), Jesse Hayward (Portland), Mark Hooper (Portland), Houston (Portland), Jo Jackson (Portland), Kristan Kennedy (Portland), Zack Kircher (Portland), K.C. Madsen (Portland), Federico Nessi (Portland), Lucinda Parker (Portland), Matthew Picton (Ashland), Brittany Powell (Portland), Shawn Records (Portland), Vanessa Renwick (Portland), David Rosenak (Portland), Storm Tharp (Portland), Mariana Tres (Portland), Laura Vandenburgh (Springfield), Bill Will (Portland), Amanda Wojick (Eugene)

The Oregon Biennial 2006 is an excellent opportunity for the Portland Art Museum and the public to discover current trends and new artists of Oregon.



One thought on “Last Chance: Portland Art Museum Biennial ends 10/8

  1. Dear Sirs, I have been trying to get on the list for the next Biannial. I have left nurmerous messages and no results. Can you help me get the perspectus?
    Thank you,
    Mimi Fox MFA

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