PULSE – 40 artists 8 hours 1 cause

Who would’a thought a group of nurses, corporate workers,  and parents of a kid with a congenital heart defect could come up with such an amazing, exhilerating, and out of the box art show and party?  Without much knowledge of the art world, this group did their first art party and fund raiser last year.  They expected 60 people, they got around 400. Everyone raved.  Who knows what this year will bring.

Each artist is given a sexy booth space draped in flowing white curtains. They begin their creations for the show starting around 9am.  At around 6pm the masses begin to flow in and watch, talk and learn from the artists as they do their work.  Later in the evening the created pieces are auctioned off.  Each artist is given a representative who takes care of their every need through out  the day and helps represent them during the show.  At the event itself there is music, food, bonfires and a groovy feel that is hard to fake.

PULSE, and annual art event, helps to fund the most promising research that supports the lives of children with Congenital Heart Defects.  Proceeds go to the Children’s Heart Foundation – Oregon Chapter.

October 7, 2006

Staver Locomotive (great old building) at 2537 NW 29th St.  Portland, OR

Buy tickets at http://www.chforegon.org

Or call 503 635 9460

PULSE is supported by Studio Art Direct

Janelle Baglien



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