Big Trend -Large Format Photographic Prints

Large format photographs placed in well-heeled corporate board rooms, lobbies and living rooms are all the rage. And the results are stunning.

It’s the type of artwork that can freshen a traditional room or soften the edges of a modern one. Subject matter can range from gritty black and white urban scenes, to colorful micro-photos of flowers, to ethereal landscapes.

Thanks to advances in digital technology designers have options galore for installing contemporary art with a powerful punch. Digital photographs can be printed unto substrates like birch, stone, MDO, vinyl, plexiglas, silk, wallpaper, and just about anything that does not have a surface deviation of more than 1/4″ . For a traditional installation, an outdoor photograph framed under glass and mounted on a wall can look like the real outdoors and give a feeling that a window has been punched through the wall. See this and other photographs by Thorsten Ott (click on image)

Seascape by Thorsten Ott

Many of Studio Art Direct’s photographers and artist will consider custom reproductions of their images. You choose an image and our team works with the artist to determine fair pricing and then proceeds with project managing the fabrication and installation.

For inspiration, visit our photography section:

Janelle Fendall Baglien

President/Studio Art Direct


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