Home not Selling? Place Original Art on Walls.

The use of a carefully placed paintings can make all the difference to a successful real estate sale

PORTLAND, OREGON – With the downturn in the real estate market, staging homes and condos for sale has become increasingly important.  In addition to the careful placement of furniture, rugs and accessories, artwork has become a key element for creating places that sell.

“Art does not add value to a property.  People know what things are worth,” says Janelle Baglien, president of Studio Art Direct, a Portland, Oregon based art rental and sales online gallery, “but what it can do is seduce the buyer into falling in love with a place.”

At the Meriwether, a luxury condominium in Portland’s new South Waterfront district, Studio Art Direct worked with Suzie Capuzzi of CB Seal Real Estate to place artwork in a one bedroom condo that had been on the market with no offers.  After staging it with modern furniture and a few well placed accessories, Studio Art Direct hung several works of art by regional artists.  “The paintings filled the space with a fantastic aura,” says Suzie Capuzzi of CB Seal Real Estate.  “Within weeks we received offers and are now working to close the deal.”

The cost varies according to the size of a property. A 12-week contract for a two-bedroom condo is likely to be $300 – $400. Fitting out a house could be double that.

So what kind of art works best? Baglien finds that colorful, large-scale, non figurative works hit the spot.  One of Baglien’s favorite tricks is to place art that has complimentary or contrasting colors to the decor and outdoor views depending on the feeling the space should evoke.  “To create a serene, boutique hotel feel,we will often choose art that has colors that are similar to the decor and are soft like abstract landscape paintings,” says Baglien.  For punch and drama, paintings with contrasting colors and sweeping gestural strokes are chosen.  Good framing and lighting is also key.

Developers are also using art to appeal to buyers.  Placing art in public areas such as lobbies, hallways, model units and showrooms add an element of style that can create an ambiance that says “I’m worth it.”  Art that appeals to the developer’s target audience is key.  “Contemporary photography, pop art, and non objective abstracts intrigue the thirtysomething buyer, while landscapes and color field works are pleasing to the 60+ retiring baby boomers,” says Baglien.   

Most of the artwork in homes that have been dressed is for sale, for the simple reason that the people who buy the properties often want to buy the art, too.

Studio Art Direct, 503.230.9390, www.studioartdirect.com


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