Commissions for corporate art booming

Portland, Oregon – Studio Art Direct has been busy commissioning local artists for several exciting projects. Some noteworthy commissions and custom designed projects include a penthouse at the Strand with Ankrom Moisan Architects in Portland OR: Specht Development offices in Beaverton OR; 7-story office building in Vegas NV; the new Brasserie Montamarte restaurant and jazz bar in Portland OR; Prange Law Offices in Portland OR; Wildhorse Resort in Pendelton OR; Dunthorpe wine cellar mural in Lake Oswego OR, and law offices in Honolulu HI.

The pipeline holds some very inventive designs including a boutique hotel with a rock and roll art and lyrics theme, a golf resort in San Francisco, a condo project on the Oregon coast, and more office buildings in California and Oregon.

Artists who have been commissioned for work include Martha Pfanschmidtt, Jeni Lee, Elli Milan, Jean Marie Rogers, Gina Kulig, Elizabeth Kimes, James Armer and Michelle Harris.


One thought on “Commissions for corporate art booming

  1. For your consideration, I work for Greg Johnson and have seen a great deal
    of his outstanding artwork. He does as many local art shows as he wants, and
    has pieces in the works bieng dedicated in Wichita KS this summer for public
    display. (A 6 foot dragonfly on an 8 foot blade of grass that rotates in the
    He has incredible pieces that aren’t even on his website yet. I felt it a
    neccesity to spend some time getting his artwork exposed. Please check out
    his website, you won’t be disappointed. And if you wish to e-mail me
    personally about any of his sculptures or paintings, his address is;

    If you like, I can mail you his letter of interest and a portfolio disk that I put

    Thank you for your time. Raymond.

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