See Art in Your Space Before You Buy

pactrust lobby Pactrust Lobby - after 


If you are like many of our corporate clients, you need help envisioning how an art selection will look in your space. With digital imaging, Studio Art Direct can provide you to-scale photographs of art “in-situ.”  This allows you to examine your choices.

Studio Art Direct is now providing our digital imaging services to interior design and internet clients.  We can show you what your art selection(s) will look like in a space by embedding art images directly into digital photos – just like we have shown above.

Here is how it is done:

1.  Choose art.  Go to and choose (2) artworks you love.  Write down the title of the work. (Artists in photos above are:  Allan Stephenson, Jennifer Pinkham, and John Butler.

2.  Grab your digital camera and take a straight on picture of the wall you are considering placing the art on.

3.  Take a measurement of the wall – preferrably the height of the wall. This will help us provide you a to-scale image of the artwork in your space.

4.  Email us at and include your art selection titles (#1), a jpeg photograph of the wall (#2), and a measurement (#3).

We will send you back your photograph with the artwork you have chosen placed right on the wall.  You will be able to see how it will look without ever leaving your home or office.

How much does this cost?  Nothing….yet.  So take advantage of this new service today!

Janelle Fendall Baglien


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