The Art of Hotel Modera in Downtown Portland

April 3, 2008 – Portland, Oregon     Studio Art Direct has been awarded the contract to provide artwork for the Hotel Modera in Downtown Portland, Oregon.  Click here for more details

The Hotel Modera now has 500 works of art by Portland, Oregon area artists.

The remodeled hotel, formerly the Days Inn on 6th and Columbia, will feature a mod-elegant ambiance reflected in pure white color palettes, clean lined furnishings, and natural woods.  Named Hotel Modera for its mid century modern style, this new luxury boutique hotel will rival the Heathman, Hilton, and Benson. 

To enhance the overall design, Studio Art Direct curated 300 works of art created exclusively by local artists.  The art is designed to reflect a mid century modern ambiance with minimalistic paintings, large abstracts, nude gesture drawing sketches, glass works, marble sculpture, modern monoprints, and oversized black and white photographs of Oregon’s natural environment.

Artist selected for the hotel include:

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Stewart Harvey, Gary Wilson, Thorsten Ott, Aubrie Aurand, Zeb Andrews, Doreen Wynja,and at-risk-youth from Focus on Youth photography program. 

Photographs are stunning modern black and whites capturing the beauty of Oregon’s beaches, farmlands, vineyards, deserts, and dowtown Portland urbanscapes.  Images were shot digitally and on film using techniques such as pinhole, infrared and time lapsed photography.

One entire floor will be dedicated to Focus on Youth.  This is an organization which puts cameras in the hands of at-risk-youth and teaches them to “shoot beauty” and develop the film.  These photographs are remarkably well done and are an effort to give back to the community by both Studio Art Direct and the hotel owners.

ORIGINAL PAINTINGS & WORKS ON PAPER:  Bill Park, Martha Pfanschmidt, Jeni Lee, and Janelle Baglien.

Several main lobby pieces have been commissioned specifically for the hotel lobby and public areas.  Works include large abstracts and minimalist paintings, nude figurative drawings, and monoprints.


Hotel Modera will open in late May 2008.  Designers include Holst Architecture and Corso Staicoff Interior Design.


3 thoughts on “The Art of Hotel Modera in Downtown Portland

  1. dear studio art direct – I did’t sell at all when I was respresented by you.

    What is popular right now and what are busineness looking for in the way of art??

    thanx L

  2. Very excited about seeing Bill Park and Jeni Lee in your hotel. AND the Benson needs a rival. really. Ever since they lost Larry Button a few years ago to health issues, their event service has drastically gone down hill. While the Hilton is nice and the Heathman has it’s moments, they’re not on the same par as the Benson, even without Larry. Maybe Riverplace is the closest rival in that genre. anywhoo, good luck.

  3. Hotel modera is what i had in mind for those years i spend brainstorming.. They had the money to do and i didn’t.. I wish them all the best..

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