What are the art trends for 2008

We have been asked a question:  What trends are we seeing and what style of art are our clients buying? The answer varies depending on the project, but we can tell you of a couple of trends that we have seen that may carry through 2008.

a)  Original abstract paintings on large, gallery wrapped canvases(2.5-3″ depth).  Large meaning 4’x6′ or bigger.  We have sold several 6’x6′ and larger paintings.  Clients typically like to see an abstract that has “something in it they can relate to.”  for example, we have commissioned paintings that have the original architectural sketches of a project collaged on the canvas and a translucent abstract painted over it.  It is subtle, yet it is something the client is proud of and can relate to.  We have also incorporated graphic elements of a logo into a painting in a very subtle abstracted way.

b)  Oversized black and white photography.  About 20″x30″ has a good “wow factor” and are affordable.  Photographs in a series with a common theme work well in corporate environments.  Popular themes that we are seeing are intimate nature shots:  pebbles, sand, water, leaves in groupings of at least five and Oregon photos that are slightly abstracted.

c)  Abstracted landscape paintings that reflect a slight relation to nature with foreground, horizon lines and sky are very popular. 

d)  Colorfield paintings that reflect popular color trends such as yellow, brown and blues, purples and browns, autumn colors (rust, olive, dark brown, pale yellow, and a bit of blue), apple greens and browns, and so on.  Always check West Elm, Pottery Barn, and other mass market accessory and furniture stores to follow current color trends.

e)  Impressionistic landscape paintingsare very popular with medical facilities.  Abstract paintings have been proven to increase heart rate and blood pressure.  Whereas landscapes are soothing to the soul and actually aid in the healing process. 

e)  Affordability is a keyfactor for most corporate clients.  Giclees, reproductions on interesting surfaces, and affordable originals are the first order of business for clients who want to fill their spaces with art, created by local artists, but who are not necessarily “collectors” investing in an artist.  Originals under $2000 always sell well. Reproductions that take into consideration the high cost of framing are also popular.   Giclees selling at less than $200 fit the bill here.

f)  Creating a body of work in a series is also important.  Most of our clients have long corridors and public areas that need to feel thematic and pulled together.  A series should be the same size, same substrate, same medium and same general style and subject matter.  It is not unusual to install 20 art pieces on one corridor. 


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