China Olympic’s Opening Ceremony Brings Tear to My Artistic Eye

Beijing Olympics Artistic Blockbuster
Beijing Olympics Artistic Blockbuster

Portland, Oregon —  I am absolutely electrified by the artful beauty of  China’s Olympic opening ceremonies.  The spiritual nature of this age old culture which intertwines the oldest religions in the world with the beautiful, seductive romance of poetry, music, calligraphy, painting, dance and martial arts creeps down somewhere to my gut in a place I did not think China could reach.  Modern technologies like LEDs and pyrotechnics pull me into a modern grip yet sends me back to a, perhaps, collective memory of  my ancient roots or a sacred past.  Through it all what punches through the color and the choreography is the people.  Just people, powering it all.  Creating it all, and some how pulling us into a place deep within our soul that reminds me of what connects us — art.  

The tear, posed to drip down the corner and over my cheek is a simple wish for peace.  In this moment of artful connectedness, I pray that a cleaver of evil will not split me from my overwhelming appreciation of this coming together.   

Art and the athlete can transcend everything, at least for a moment.

Janelle Fendall Baglien, Studio Art Direct


One thought on “China Olympic’s Opening Ceremony Brings Tear to My Artistic Eye

  1. Hi Janelle,

    Ever since the Opening Ceremony in Beijing, I have been reading Blog and newspaper commentaries on the Ceremony. I must have read several dozens of those. I must say your review have won the gold medal in beauty of the language, and artistic, spiritual insights.

    I believe the lighting of the cauldron was divinely inspired. They have several plans but they finally decided just one month before Aug. 8 Li Ning has only 20 days to train for this amazing feat. The task was for very demanding even for the former multi gold medals gymnast to air-running around the rim of the roof. He has to rest for over a hour each time he ran around during practices. He looks so graceful. The Gods must have helped him.

    I am an avid photographer. Please, please take a look my pictures and drop me a line or two of criticism.

    I am writing a book on spirituality, religion and philosophy. I call it “Divine Destiny: An Interview with God.” It’s very similar to “A Conversation with God” by Neale Walsh.

    I too was able to hear God’s voice clearly in head for many years now. I was afraid to tell anybody, but when I read Neale book, I was so relieve to know that I was not crazy. God does to speak to all us.

    When I got a rough draft down. I hope you can give me some artistic directions or feedback. I love your words. It is so spiritual and artistic. I hope I can write like you.


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