Studio Art Direct requests artist submissions for healthcare in Pacific Northwest

We are seeking artist submissions for our giclee art program.  Oregon & Washington artists only. Submit your art today. 

Blossom Blue by Katie Simmons
Blossom Blue by Katie Simmons

With the slow down in the U.S.economy, Studio Art Direct predicts a substantial increase in giclee/reproduction art sales in 2009/10. This is good news for regional painters, print makers and photographers.


Historically, sales of original paintings significantly decrease with a recession. However, there is still a need to fill blank wall space with quality artwork.  Especially for the corporate clients we serve.  Inexpensive posters are out of favor, while more “original-looking” artwork is in demand.  Giclees on canvas and paper are an excellent solution at an affordable price.


The demand for giclees comes from our existing customer base:


a.                  Direct corporate art sales to healthcare facilities, hotels, offices, resorts, and institutional clients.

b.                  Online sales to West Coast design professionals placing artwork in projects. 

c.                  Online sales to West Coast framing shops providing art as an add-on business line.

d.                  International sales to general public.


To meet the demand, we are creating a print-on-demand program and increasing the availability of reproductions for sale on our website at  

We are seeking artists submissions for our giclee art program.

All works must be created by artists residing in Oregon or Washington as we support a sustainable business model – regional business supporting regional artists. 


We will purchase reproductions on an on-demand basis directly from artists and will work with local fine art printers for production. Studio Art Direct will handle all customer fulfillment including sales/marketing, billing, framing, shipping/delivery and/or installation. Essentially, we become the sales and production arm for your art.


For artists & photographers, this could mean an income stream during lean times.  


We know there are a lot of local artist creating outstanding 2-D work, but we need your help finding them. We are asking you to get the word out to your photographer and artist colleagues, or submit your work. If you are interested in learning more, please read on for details or call 503.230.9390.  




We will be curating giclee art until June, 2009. 


Artists must be residing in Oregon or Washington.  Artwork must be of the highest quality and suitable for healthcare facilities.  We have a priority preference for soothing, healing and uplifting artwork.  


HOW TO SUBMIT:  Artists are to submit (3) low res jpeg images of their art work to info@studioartdirect.comwith GICLEE in the subject line.  Art will be reviewed by our team for suitability for our clientel.


Accepted artwork will be uploaded to online art gallery in appropriate categories by our staff.  We will work with artists to hone artist statements, resize and optimize images for the web.   


Submissions are to include:

1.                  Title and original medium

2.                  Size including image size and paper/canvas size

3.                  Giclee substrate (canvas, bamboo, paper, other)

4.                  Artist wholesale price

5.                  Retail price

6.                  Artist’s full contact information

7.                  Brief artist bio/statement/resume


Images must be, or ready for, the creation of a high resolution digital file (enough for high quality printing at at least 150 DPI for an oversized print – approximately 36×48+.)  We prefer that the pre-press have also been completed, calibrated for your printer and approved by you.   




Studio Art Direct, the region’s largest source for art created exclusively by Oregon & regional artists. 


Our website receives 60K unique hits per month.  We sell directly off the web on an international basis but the majority of our sales are to clients and projects we directly seek and solicit to.


For more information, visit and click on “clients & projects” for 2008 project list. 


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