Studio Art Direct selected for Red160 permanent art program in Seattle

Bold graphics printed on plexiglas by artist Joe Futschik.
Studio Art Direct has been selected by the Mhyre Group to provide original and print artworks for two upscale apartment buildings in Redmond, Washington.

The target audience for the apartment buildings to be called Red160 are young professionals working in high tech related industries. As part of their services, Studio Art Direct helps clients select art works designed to enhance the image and feel of a building. Art often plays a unique marketing roll in helping clients lease or sell multi family projects. For this project, Janelle Baglien of Studio Art Direct selected works that are graphic with saturated colors, large abstract paintings, and prints on modern surfaces such as plexiglas and aluminum.

Selected artist include: Bill Park, Jeni Lee, Joe Futschik, TL Lange, and Parvez Taj.

About Studio Art Direct, Inc.

Studio Art Direct provides turn-key art programs for hospitality, healtchare, corporate, multifamily, and institutional buildings. The firm specializes in works created by Oregon and Washington artists. Studio Art Direct online ( ) is areas largest source for contemporary regional artworks in the United States.


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