Studio Art Direct Completes Hand Blown Glass Installation for Kaiser Sunnyside Lobby

300 hand blown glass balls will dangle in clusters from 35' high atrium at Kaiser's new Sunnyside Hospital lobby.


Glass is one of the most serene and uplifting forms of art there is, making it perfect for healthcare settings where art can serve to de-stress patients, visitors and staff.  

Portland, Ore – At Kaiser’s new Sunnyside Hospital lobby scheduled to open in April, Studio Art Direct created a magnificent hanging glass sculpture which shimmers and floats from a 35′ high atrium in the admitting area. 

The sculpture consists of 300 hand-blown glass balls varying in sizes from 3″ to 9″ in diameter. The colors of amber, green and clear glass compliment the new interior palette and sparkle from the pendant lights above and westfacing windows at the top of the atrium. The glass balls, blown by local artists, were strung on thin aluminum cables attached to the ceiling in varying shapes and levels to create a scene of beautiful translucent balls floating down like snow flakes. 

Glass balls float down like colorful snowflakes in Kaiser atrium.


As patients, visitors and staff wind up the stairs to the surgery area, the glass balls are visible at eye-level. They float throughout the open atrium space creating a beautiful art installation that translates to happiness and serenity.
About Studio Art Direct
Studio Art Direct provides turnkey art programs for healthcare, hospitality, corporate and institutional environments.  To learn more

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