Art and Framing Forecast 2010: Studio Art Direct shares insight.


When selecting art, an emotional connection must be made between the art and the customer. For seniors in residential care facilities, local landscapes evoke memories and a deep connection that is healing and uplifting.

In 2009 Americans invested over $42 billion decorating their walls. However, how they choose to spend their dollars on art is changing.  Studio Art Direct studies the Unity Marketing 2010 art and framing forecast and provides insight to artists on how to benefit from the trends.  

“Americans are paying more attention to decorating their walls, but traditional art reproductions, for example, are being purchased less frequently today than they were in previous years,” says Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing and lead researcher for the new study.  Consumers are investing more in original art because it has become more widely available through online galleries like and as working artists become market focused.  If you are an artist who still thinks the holy grail is to get into a brick and mortar gallery, we encourage you to think more broadly and consider regional art websites as well as your own online marketing.

To better display their array of original, reproduction, and self-made items, consumers also have a wide range of framing options from which to select, including a growing selection of ready-made frames and custom framing.  However, many American’s feel that custom framing is too expensive and look to the growing market of ready-made frames. As this market grows, there are more options in style and sizes. For the savy artist, creating work that fits standard ready-made frames might lead to more sales.

Americans Want to See Their Own Lives on Their Walls

As the American consumer demands increased participation in other areas of her life, it is only natural that she wants to be an active participant in her art.  “While it is true that most consumers view pictures on the wall as an important part of decorating their home, they express a more personal and emotional relationship to those treasured items they hang on their walls.”  Over 70 percent of the consumers surveyed agreed with the statement, ‘When choosing art for my home, the way the piece makes me feel is most important.’ 

At Studio Art Direct, we take great care in listening to and understanding each client’s personal form of expression and make an effort to connect with them emotionally.  Even for large projects like a hotel or senior care facility, the emotional needs of the client as well as the end user are extremely important to understand when selecting art. 

If you are an artist, you need to understand the emotional make up of your buyer. What are their characteristics? How can you touch them emotionally?  If you don’t know, ask people who have bought or expressed interest in your work.  What moved them? Why did they buy it?  You will begin to understand the expressive nature of your customer.  Take this information and think about it as you work – expand upon it and continue to reach further into the emotions of your future art buyer.

 Janelle Baglien, President, Studio Art Direct, Inc.


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