City of Tualatin Art Entry Monument Update by Studio Art Direct

We are getting closer to completing the gateway art and sign mounument for the City of Tualatin.  It’s a big job with lots of coordination, but we are right on schedule.  Rip Caswell, our bronze sculptor has been feverishly creating the clay models of the geese for the molds which will be sent to his foundry in Joesph, Oregon. The foundry and Rip will be casting the bronze with the lost wax process.  Here is a video of Rip sculpting the geese.  He tells us he is getting “tired of doing feathers.”  And for sure he must be, with 7 life-size geese, that is a lot of feathers.


Initial pinch model of the design.

The process to create this beautiful monument included creating a “pinch model” of the design.  Studio Art Direct’s president and designer for this project, Janelle Baglien, felt that the pinch model was the best way to depict the 3-d aspects of the design for both the Tualatin Art Advisory and City Commissioners as well as help the structural engineer have a to-scale model to create calculations and design from.  The model was created by Rip Caswell.

The project is on schedule.  Coffman Excavation will be breaking ground this winter.  Eammon Hughes of Hughes Water Gardens in Tualatin will be creating the 20×20 water feature including the water related plantings and lighting.  The water feature will include bubblers underneath where the geese are lighting out of the water.  The bubblers will create a movement similar to when the geese’s wings push off the water to take flight.

20-ton sandstone rock after it was excavated from quarry site in Boise.

The 20-ton sandstone rock has been excavated from the quarry in Boise.  It is about 8’x18′ and will have “Tualatin” engraved in the new font style Studio Art Direct helped create as a standard for the City of Tualatin.  The rock will take a semi-truck and two pilot cars to get it here.  A large crane will place it on to the site where footings to handle seismic activity will have been built.  We expect to have the pond and rock sign installed by January 2012.

In March, we will install the bronze geese.  We understand the City of Tualatin is planning a completion party.  In the end, the design will be as proposed to the City of Tualatin in our preliminary sketches created back in November 2011 (see sketch).

We would like to give a special thank you to Chad Rhea of Coffman Excavation.  Chad is our construction manager and has done a great job pushing through permits and herding cats.   Chad’s team will be out onsite this winter, so don’t honk at them if they hold up traffic a bit! It won’t be for long.

If you would like to learn more about this design and why we selected geese as the art feature for this monument, see previous post on our blog at