Healthcare’s art in architecture trend. Featuring an interview with Studio Art Direct in Healthcare Design Magazine

Studio Art Direct in Healthcare Design magazine
Healthcare Design Magazine features article about Studio Art Direct’s work at Kaiser

Healthcare Design magazine features Studio Art Direct in article about art in architecture and the trends in healthcare.

Art Plays Starring Role at Permanente’s New Oregon Hospital  by Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor Healthcare Design Magazine

The importance of artwork in the healthcare environment and its role in the healing process has become more widely accepted over the years. But that still doesn’t mean it’s always part of early design discussions.

Rather, art programs are often addressed later on in the project schedule, maybe even after the drywall is up, leaving art consultants and interior designers to scramble to find appropriate pieces that fit on existing walls and ceilings.

It’s a practice that Janelle Baglien, president, Studio Art Direct (Portland, Ore.), calls “plunk art.” “It’s when the building’s all done and somebody says ‘oh, we have to plunk something here.’”    READ MORE link to article.

To read a general article about this new Kaiser Permanente template hospital in Healthcare Design Magazine, click here.


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