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Studio Art Direct Adds 100 New Artworks to Print On Demand Collection

Candace Primack’s beautiful abstracts resonate with glorious color.

We are really excited to announce the addition of 100 new works of art to our online Print On Demand Collection.  These stunning artworks range from photography and paintings to drawings and digital art. 

Studio Art Direct’s stable of talented regional artists is now a whopping 41 professional creatives and features 246 works of art.  You can search by artist or subject.  And all works are available in any size, on any surface.

Studio Art Direct has selected 12 new artists to be part of our creative family.  These new artists and our existing talent have created 100 new artworks for our print on demand art collection.  Adding more regional style artwork and abstracts has rounded out our collection.

We reviewed 846 submissions and actively curated through out the region for about 4 months.  Twelve artists were awarded the opportunity to join our publishing division including Barry Van Gerhig, Brooke

Candace Primack’s abstracts are a beautiful use of color and composition.

Borcherding, Candace Primack, Cathie Joy Young, Janet Rothermel, Jivi Nancheva, Lucia Johnson, Nance and Stephen Sasser, Patricia Clayton,  Rick Keating, and Sandy Haight.

In addition to our new artists, 98% of our existing artists renewed their contracts and added additional artwork.  These artists appreciated the 18% royalty payments Studio Art Direct provides, which is about double what the industry standard is.  It is also exciting for them to see their work in a variety of public spaces.

Brooke Borcherding has been selected for inclusion in Studio Art Direct’s print on demand collection

We look forward to working with designers and clients in placing these artworks in hospitality, healthcare, and corporate environments throughout the West.

To learn more about our print on demand art collection and the many ways these artworks can be used in the built environment, search our blog, or contact