Example of sculpture with dominant verticality, colorful, uplifting and incorporating solar lighting.  This sculpture is attributed to )


Studio Art Direct invites artists to submit work – either existing or conceptual –  for a sculpture opportunity for purchase.

The sculpture will be a free-standing, outdoor permanent public placement inspired by the theme of “The Patterns of Nature.”  The sculpture must be pedestrian and vehicular friendly and be colorful, uplifting, and vertically dominant  (preference minimum 15’0″). We encourage interaction with nature such as solar lighting or wind activation. (See Pinterest board for inspiration).

Submissions will be reviewed and sculptors will be short-listed for an interview.

Artist Brief:  This exterior sculpture will be visible from the street, entry and lobby of this modern, new 3-story healthcare medical office building located in Beaverton, Oregon. It may also become a beacon for the City. The purpose of the sculpture is to help patients and visitors lower blood pressure and reduce heart rates by providing a respite for the eye, a calming distraction, and an important physiological decompression before entering the building.  Therefore, the design should convey  a sense of peace, beauty, wonder and whimsy.  The sculpture should be vibrant during the day as well as night.  Preference for spring colors, no red.  Studio Art Direct suggests simplicity in form and materials to meet the goals of the project and budget.

Artist Responsibilities:  The selected artist will provide shop drawings, fabrication, labor, production, delivery and installation management.  Studio Art Direct will provide client and design team coordination, submittal and final shop drawing reviews, structural engineering, design review,  and permitting for selected artist.

Sites and Safety: While artistic quality is very important, works will be reviewed for durability, safety and appropriateness to the site and healthcare customers.  Artworks must be structurally sound and able to withstand an outdoor environment in a largely unsupervised area that is not protected from weather or curious viewers. Avoiding potential problems such as deteriorating rust and fading should be considered.

Selection Criteria: The three main considerations are creativity, site appropriateness and durability. Images of finished works and/or conceptual drawings can be submitted. If the proposed project is not a finished work, artists need to provide information to assure the Selection Panel of what it will look like and that it will be completed and installed as designed.  We will also consider commissioning.

Budget: $20,000

Eligibility: Pacific Northwest sculptors, preference given to Portland Metro Area artists and special consideration for Beaverton, Oregon artists. Emerging artists are encouraged to submit as Studio Art Direct provides mentorship and training to sculptors who have not had the experience of public art installations.

Application deadline: September 15th, 2018

Installation: Spring 2019 in Beaverton, OR

Submittal Requirements: (1) PDF with your complete contact information. You must include your name, email, phone, website and address.  Include up to 5 previous work examples with art title, size, medium, and artist net pricing. For completed and installed sculpture, include project name and contact for reference.  Alternately, Studio Art Direct will accept a concept design as a submission.

Include (1) paragraph overview of education and experience.

Include (1) paragraph demonstrating applicant ability to meet and conform to the demands of project schedule, budget and installation knowledge.

Incomplete submittals will not be considered.

Please send submission to


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