Submit Art

Currently, we are accepting submissions from artist working in Oregon, Washington and Idaho for placement in our 2013 fine art print on demand online art gallery.

If you have questions or need help uploading images email

How Studio Art Direct works:

    • Submit your art for review: Email us low res jpges (no more than 4) or send us your website URL.
    • Our selection team reviews your work to determine its suitability for our clientel. Please scroll down this page to see the styles and genres most preferred.
    • If you are selected, we will contact you to discuss details, review artist agreement,  and/or meet with you to see your work in person. Our goal is to create a partnership with you based on trust and loyalty.
    • Finally, our direct sales team markets to our regional design professionals and corporate clients. In addition, we promote and market the Studio Art Direct website collection through various public relations and advertising efforts
    • Keep creating beautiful, inspirational, and well-crafted works!

What type of art we are looking for?

We are looking for 2-D artworks suitable for reproduction on canvas, paper, and other materials. Works must be of exceptional quality. Of specific interest now are large lyrical abstract paintings (completely non objective is not popular – having something in the painting that a viewer can relate to is key), abstracted landscape paintings and photography, and mid century style works.

Controversial works including radical political matter, work that is sexist or exploitive, and art so intensely expressed that is disturbing is not typically acceptable to our clientel.

We also keep a database of artists for commissioning and purchase for projects.  Original paintings, sculpture, glassworks and other mediums by NW regional artists are preferred.  Send us jpegs of your artwork.