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Janelle Baglien, president and founder of Studio Art Direct
Janelle Baglien, president and founder of Studio Art Direct.




Hi, if you would like to shop for art or learn more about our consulting services, please visit our website.



Studio:  1336 NW Northrup |  Portland, Oregon  97209

Mailing:  P.O. Bx 9157 |  Portland, Oregon 97207

Phone:   (503) 230-9390


For art submissions:


3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Is your reception in conjuction with the “Naked:Art on Raw Surfaces” show on June 5 open or closed? I might be interested in attending.

    Mike Parker
    American Association for Nude Recreation, Northwest Region

  2. Hello,

    Last year, an art show called “Thirty!” brought out crowds that lined up around the block waiting to get in to a standing-room-only space to see 900 small paintings created by local Portland artists. In the four-hour opening, over 700 of the paintings were sold – that’s almost three paintings per minute throughout the course of opening night. This year brings the sequel, titled “Thirty One!”. Thirty one local artists have thirty one days to create thirty one paintings, apiece. The result: 931 small (7″ X 7″) original panels on sale for $31 apiece, and 31 larger paintings up for silent auction.

    This is all happening on Friday, August 1 at OM Tradition Arts – 14 NE 10th Ave @ E. Burnside, right here in Portland.

    For more information:

    And for photos of last year’s event:


    Hope you can make it!


  3. Hi, I’m an amature photographer and was interested in what you were doing for this hotel. I have taking some photos in the Portland area and would like to put them in this hotel. They are in color but I will convert them into Black & White. Is there a fee to put them in and are you trying to seel them or are the photos just for show? If you are selling the photos do I get the money from the sell? Do I send a print by mail or do I e-mail the photo to you?

    The reason for the all the questions is that I’ve taken photos expecting to see them on a persons website but they fall back on the agreement that we had made prior to taken the photos. Please send me a message back about my questions .

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