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18 thoughts on “Subscribe Me!

  1. I just found out about this site. Please subscribe me for updates. I am reemerging into the art market and it is soooo different than 20 yrs ago. I am an organizer for Meetup Art group which has grown to over 158 local artists. We are proud to be Artists helping Artists, with free exhibits monthly to include artists painting live at the exhibits. doing this has brought some joyfull publicity on local tv stations twice, with possible future interviews of our group and artists, we have accomplished this in less than two yrs. So any help is greatly apperciated.

  2. Have been in a fine art & decor practice for many years. Mostly liturgical art commissions and in art murals and decor for healthcare. The economy has forced me to closed my studio showroom space, lasting 9 years. I design and produce a multi-use approach depending on my client needs, i.e. stained glass, furniture, murals, digital prints, wall reliefs and just added bronze work last year. I often collaborate in wood, metal, glass.

    My interest is in site specific mural commissions of my abstract work in digital collage. I want to expand more in the corporate arena, working in remodel or new constructiuon.

    Request a brief meeting at Concordia University Library where I co-curate shows and teach art & design courses. I’m exhibiting there to fill in our huge gallery space for a current fiber art exhibit.

    Hope to hear from you and connect.


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