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Janelle Baglien shares art consulting experience and ideas. Click here to flip through our book of experience.

From concept to completion, Studio Art Direct shares experience and ideas of fine art and graphic installations for healthcare, hospitality, government and corporate projects. Click here to view. 

I wanted to share some of the projects we have done over the last 7 years.  Especially the evolution of art in architecture – from concept to completion.

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Nature art video content for healthcare waiting rooms and patient bedside monitors now available for licensed use

We have had a lot of requests to create content for TV monitors in healthcare waiting areas, patient rooms and exam rooms. So, I am really excited to share an example of what we are working on.  This is a 5-minute loop demo featuring gorgeous nature scenes shot in time-lapsed, slow motion, steady-cam cinematography.  The artist is an Emmy Award winning cinematographer we have partnered with.  It is specifically created for hospitals, medical centers, senior care, behavioral health and other healthcare environments. Based on the philosophy of Evidenced Based Design, this stunning video is designed to calm, sooth and improve patient outcome.

This content is plug-and-play ready in any format required (from the cloud, Blu-ray, m4, and the new gold standard 4K).  Also available without sound.

We have content available in increments of 5 minute, 14 (the average wait in a waiting room) and 1 hour (for relaxation channels).

License Fee:  The fee is charged on an annual basis per physical location and is dependent on the number of monitors displaying the work.  Email me with an outline of your intentions including length of play and estimated number of monitors. I will get back to you with pricing.

This is the first in a series of art video content Studio Art Direct will be releasing for licensed use on large AV installations in healthcare, hospitality, corporate and government interiors.  We have seen a growing trend in the desire for artful content that is ready for plug-and-play.  Our initial focus will be on heatlhcare, eventually we will move into art video for corporate, multi family and hospitality projects.

What are the Digital Art Content for Healthcare Trends:

The average stay in a waiting room is 14-minutes.  In the past, TV’s were used as a distraction but studies showed that it causes stress in patients and visitors.  Other applications include a looping video playing on exam room monitors as patients wait for their doctor.  This is a wonderful way to soften the equipment laden rooms.  For behavioral health calm rooms, a video is safe and serene.  In transfusion centers, the long wait can be agitating and scary, nature art videos are an effective way to relieve stress.

While the “monitor” technology exists, the content has not changed much over the years. Art consultants have realized the opportunity to showcase art, but most do it with PowerPoint style videos of images, mainly photography of flowers. This is a pitiful under utilization of the technology. So much can be done with film, video, animation, and interactive digital. The creativity just needs to be tapped.  The creative genius is in the new crop of art students and emerging artists born and raised on digital media.

Over the next 8 months, I will be working hard to discover talent and help new artists craft work towards creating digital content for the built environment, and especially healthcare.  It is an exciting new market segment we are venturing into and we are jazzed. Video installations are becoming very popular as the price of monitors and content management go down, while the public’s thirst for digital and interactive content goes up.


Studio Art Direct shares recent photos of completed projects.

By the end of 2012, Studio Art Direct increased business by 500%. Take a look at a sampling of the the 2000 works of art we have commissioned, selected and installed for government, corporate, hospitality and healthcare projects in the last couple of years.   Back to Studio Art Direct website 


By the end of 2012, Studio Art Direct had increased business by over 500% in just the past two years.  Healthcare and government projects have been the main focus.  These market segments seem to be where most growth has occurred since the economic downtown, so it is natural that we would be providing fine art for these types of projects.  We and the artists we work with are certainly grateful for these large projects as it kept us all very busy in some tough years.

As far as the outlook goes, Janelle Baglien, President of Studio Art Direct is seeing a lot more movement in hotel and apartment construction.  So we expect to be working on some new and perhaps “out of the box” projects soon.

Studio Art Direct adds art line for medical facilities

Serene landscapes, like this painting by Studio Art Direct's Marla Baggetta, are proven to improve patient outcomes in healthcare facilities.

Portland, Oregon– As the healthcare industry continues to build and renovate facilities at a breath-taking rate, Studio Art Direct is keeping pace with artwork specifically curated for placement in hospital, memory care, continued care, outpatient, and other health related environments. 

Twenty years ago it was unheard of for a medical facility to invest hundreds of dollars into artwork.  But the healthcare industry has realized that environment – design, colors, artwork as well as functionality – can improve patient outcomes, reduce staff stress and burnout and increase effectiveness in delivering care.  And it is not a theory.  It’s known as evidence-based design, and there is a considerable and growing body of research and information to prove it (The Pebble Project/Center for Health Design, Texas A&M University College of Architecture, and Georgia Institute of Technology, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.)   

Because researchers have found that the additional cost of design improvements such as art for public spaces and patient rooms quickly paid for themselves through operational savings and increased revenue, medical facilities have become more sophisticated in their art selections.

To meet the demand, Studio Art Direct is curating hundreds of new original and limited edition works created exclusively by Pacific Northwest creative professionals.  Works must meet specific medical design criteria. 

Choosing the right art for medical facilities can be a complex task. Each area of a healthcare facility requires artwork that is conducive to patients, visitors and staff.  For example, patients in recovery from surgery need to view specific kinds of images designed to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and lessen discomfort.  Areas like Chemotherapy require very realistic images that are still and clear for patients who may be experiencing nausea.  Artwork for dementia and Alzheimer facilities need to evoke long term memories and other senses such as touch and sound. Chaotic, ambiguous or surreal images need to be avoided in psych facilities.

Over the next 10 years, it is estimated that $200 billion will be spent on hospital construction in the United States. This amount does not include other healthcare related facilities such as memory care, assisted living, in-patient mental facilities, out-patient facilities, therapy centers, and oncology and surgery centers.

Locally, facilities like OHSU, Kaiser, Providence and Legacy are incorporating sophisticated artwork into their facilities. The application of art and design in these healthcare settings will continue to grow as returns on investment, improved patient outcomes, and employee retention are realized. 

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