Studio Art Direct Adds 100 New Artworks to Print On Demand Collection

Studio Art Direct adds 12 new artists and 100 new artworks to our print on demand art collection. New artists include Barry Van Gerhig, Brooke Borcherding, Candace Primack, Cathie Joy Young, Janet Rotermel, Jivi Nancheva, Lucia Johnson, Nance and Stephen Sasser, Patricia Clayton, Rick Keating, and Sandy Haight
Candace Primack’s beautiful abstracts resonate with glorious color.

We are really excited to announce the addition of 100 new works of art to our online Print On Demand Collection.  These stunning artworks range from photography and paintings to drawings and digital art. 

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Art Consultants at Studio Art Direct Share Experience and Ideas

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Janelle Baglien shares art consulting experience and ideas. Click here to flip through our book of experience.

From concept to completion, Studio Art Direct shares experience and ideas of fine art and graphic installations for healthcare, hospitality, government and corporate projects. Click here to view. 

I wanted to share some of the projects we have done over the last 7 years.  Especially the evolution of art in architecture – from concept to completion.

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Joseph Gallivan of KBOO’s Art Focus interviews Janelle Baglien about art consulting for healthcare and hospitality

Radio interview about art consulting in healthcare and hospitality projects with Studio Art Direct's Janelle Baglien
Joseph Gallivan of KBOO Radio’s Art Focus interviews Janelle Baglien about the ins and outs of art consulting for healthcare and hospitality projects.  


Learn about our latest project coming up – a new boutique hotel in Portland! The theme I have come up with is “Sleeping with Words.”

Listen to the Art Focus interview to learn more.



Studio Art Direct shares recent photos of completed projects.

By the end of 2012, Studio Art Direct increased business by 500%. Take a look at a sampling of the the 2000 works of art we have commissioned, selected and installed for government, corporate, hospitality and healthcare projects in the last couple of years.   Back to Studio Art Direct website 


By the end of 2012, Studio Art Direct had increased business by over 500% in just the past two years.  Healthcare and government projects have been the main focus.  These market segments seem to be where most growth has occurred since the economic downtown, so it is natural that we would be providing fine art for these types of projects.  We and the artists we work with are certainly grateful for these large projects as it kept us all very busy in some tough years.

As far as the outlook goes, Janelle Baglien, President of Studio Art Direct is seeing a lot more movement in hotel and apartment construction.  So we expect to be working on some new and perhaps “out of the box” projects soon.