Hotel Eastlund Opens to Rave Reviews of Art – Studio Art Direct

Bridget Bardot on Glass. Photo by Terry O'Neill. Hospitality art consultants Studio Art Direct designers. Hotel Eastlund, Portland, Oregon,.
Tracking down this iconic image of Bridget Bardot from the 60s was a challenge, but Studio Art Direct finally found Terry O’Neill in London and licensed the image for this 10’x15′ glass panel installation which floats in the lobby. Beautiful and a bit naughty.

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Studio Art Direct completes permanent art installation for Holladay Park Plaza

Portland painter Mitch Baird was one of the 12 local artists selected for Holladay Park Plaza art program.

Portland, Ore. – Studio Art Direct recently completed installation of and extensive and permanent art collection for Holladay Park Plaza senior care facility in Portland, Oregon.

The art collection features a dazzling display of 58 paintings and photographs created by 12 regional artists. Each artist was selected by the Holladay Park residents from a collection of over 250 works of art curated and presented by Studio Art Direct’s president Janelle Baglien. Artists ranged from emerging to well established painters and photographers.  Much of the art depicts scenes from around Oregon including the coast, vineyards, urban Portland, the Columbia Gorge, and Central Oregon. 

“We worked closely with the executive committee and residents of Holladay Park Plaza to create an art program that resonated with the seniors,” says Baglien.  One artist was selected for each of the 15 floors of the building by the residents.

The remaining art for group rooms and breezeways were selected from openedition prints by floor representatives.  The program is designed to be easily rotated each year. A standard mounting was designed so that paintings could be moved utilizing existing security mounts requiring no additional holes. “This was a challenging project because we needed to work with artists who were willing to create custom and unique giclees of their original work specifically for this project.  We also wanted to included the residents in the selection process.  These two elements added a lot of extra research, development, and selection time to the process, but overall the results were priceless,” explains Baglien. 

Typically, artwork selected for senior care facilities is done so by designers and there is rarely input from the residents.  Artwork is also often selected from national or international publishers and in no way supports the local art community.  Seniors feel a lack of connection to the art and the artist when they have been excluded from the selection process yet they must live with the choices everyday.  “We believe that seniors need to be respected and their opinions valued.  It is more work, but as corporate art specialists, it is our duty,” says Baglien.

The art of Holladay Park Plaza put money in the pockets of many local artists, framers, fine art printers and installers in a very tough economic year.  “The management team of Holladay Park Plaza lead by John Larson and Pam Johnson need to be commended for supporting local art and going the extra mile to involve their seniors in the process,” says Baglien.

On December 9th, the seniors will get to meet their artists, Donna Young, Mitch Baird, Allan Stephenson, Zeb Andrews, Doreen Wynja, Brian Cameron, Jeff White, Marla Baggetta, Allan Bruce Zee, William Vanscoy, and Susan Luckey Higdon  at a reception at Holladay Park Plaza.  Artists will mingle and talk about their process and  residents will have a chance to connect and learn more about the art gracing the walls of the place they call home.